Which Are The Five Cheapest HP Toner Cartridges Available In Canada?

By olivia

June 20, 2012 Hardware 14 Comments

In the present era, where the requirement of toner cartridges is increasing with every passing day, we find the market of electronic goods and its accessories are being over stuffed with different kinds of such products. Owing to the fact that laser printers are used by most of the people in their offices for making their job a bit easier and well organized, the need for printer cartridges has increased. Many people even use such printers at home, especially the ones, who work from home or students, who are in constant requirement of taking prints of different documents for preparing notes. Whatever, the purpose may be, the increase in the usage of this kind of printers has increased the demand of color cartridges as well since, toner is one of the important components, without which one cannot take a print from a laser printer. As a result, many manufacturers as well as retailer have started competing each other in terms of providing the low priced products to the customers. And as per human psychology, all of us wish to get the best quality product at as much cost effective rate as possible. Canada is even not an exception. HP, being one of the best brands, is quite often chosen by people of Canada. But at the same time, they look for the availability high quality HP toner cartridges at low prices.

The different manufacturers and retailers of Canada always try to fulfill this need of the users of toner cartridges there and thus, keep the price as low as possible. Though a same product is available at a more or less same price range, however, it varies from one retailer to another in terms of price. Following are the five cheapest high quality HP toner cartridges, which are available in Canada within a price range of $ 18 to $ 22:

  • HP Q2612A Toner Cartridge: This is one of the common toner cartridges, which comes in the color of black and is compatible with many laser printers of the same brand. It costs around $ 18.49.
  • HP CB436A Toner Cartridge: Available in black color, this cartridge of HP toner provides high quality and reliable prints. A single pack of this cartridge costs about $ 18.85.
  • HP CB435A Toner Cartridge: This model of the HP toner cartridge is filled with black colored dedicated toner, which helps you in getting good quality prints. By using this, you can keep your printer clean at approximately $ 18.85.
  • HP C7115A Toner Cartridge: It is among those printer cartridges manufactured by HP, which offers reliable and quality prints. This color cartridge has got the capacity of yielding up to around 2, 300 pages. This means it gives page coverage at the rate of 5 %. You can get a single pack of such a printer color cartridge at around $ 19.99.
  • HP Q2612A Toner Cartridge: Available at the cost of about $ 21.50, this is among the popular HP toner cartridges, which offer 5 % page coverage.